The story of Cluny Lace and the Mason family begins around 300 years ago in the 1730s.
The Mason's was a family of framework knitters and flax dressers.

Some 30 years later at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the 1760s -

it became possible to have textiles made by machines.

Mr. John Leavers invented the Leavers machine in 1813. This new machine was able to twist together threads - making a net.

The Leavers machine was then combined with a jacquard machine in the years between 1836 and 1841.

The jacquard machine was attached to the Leavers machine using between 60 to 160 steel bars.
Using a pack of laced together punch cards the machine shifted these steel bars back and forth to create a exquisite patterns on the net.

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Cluny Lace Factory

They recently had their website remade, it is not 100% complete yet.
When it is finished it will be possible to see their entire collection online!

Untill then I will send you photos if requested and samples.

Leavers Machine
Laced Punch Cards

Besides a big range of lace in 140cm and 120cm width, Cluny also makes a lot of smaller lace trim to match.

Made from Egyptian cotton and 5 - 10% nylon these laces are not just beautiful but also robust.

With an incredible history and range of extraordinary laces -

Cluny Lace is the perfect addition to other companies I work with, offering what I think is the best of the best!

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